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Download 2vrayng and Enjoy the Benefits of Geoip and Geosite on Your Android Device

Download 2vrayng: A Powerful and Secure VPN Client for Android

If you are looking for a VPN app that can help you access blocked websites, protect your online privacy, and enjoy fast and stable connection, you should consider downloading 2vrayng. 2vrayng is a V2Ray client for Android that supports Xray core and v2fly core, two advanced VPN protocols that offer better performance and security than traditional VPNs. In this article, we will introduce what 2vrayng is, why you need it, how to download and install it, and how to use it effectively.

What is 2vrayng?

2vrayng is a VPN app that allows you to connect to V2Ray servers on your Android device. V2Ray is an open-source platform that implements various VPN protocols, such as VMess, VLESS, Shadowsocks, Trojan, etc. V2Ray can help you bypass internet censorship, access geo-restricted content, and encrypt your network traffic.

download 2vrayng

Download Zip:

A V2Ray client for Android

As a V2Ray client, 2vrayng can communicate with any V2Ray server that supports the same protocol. You can either import a server configuration from a URL or a QR code, or manually add a server by entering the required information. You can also manage multiple servers in the app and switch between them easily.

Supports Xray core and v2fly core

Xray core and v2fly core are two forks of the original V2Ray core that offer some improvements and new features. For example, Xray core supports XTLS, a protocol that combines TLS encryption and proxy transmission, which can reduce latency and increase speed. V2fly core is the official continuation of V2Ray core that follows the latest updates and bug fixes. 2vrayng supports both Xray core and v2fly core, and you can choose which one to use in the app settings.

Features of 2vrayng

Some of the features that make 2vrayng a powerful and user-friendly VPN app are:

  • Official domain list and IP list can be imported manually

  • Third-party geoip and geosite files can be used in the same folder

  • The app can be compiled from the Golang project

  • The app can run on Android emulators

  • The app supports IPv6

  • The app supports proxy sharing via QR code or URL

  • The app supports custom rules and routing

  • The app supports multiple languages

Why do you need 2vrayng?

There are many reasons why you might want to use 2vrayng on your Android device. Here are some of the main benefits of using this app:

Bypass censorship and access blocked websites

If you live in a country where the internet is restricted or censored, such as China, Iran, or Russia, you might not be able to access some of the websites or apps that you want to use. For example, you might not be able to access Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, etc. With 2vrayng, you can connect to a V2Ray server that is located in a different country where the internet is free and open, and access any website or app that you want. 2vrayng can help you bypass the firewall and the DNS poisoning that are used to block your access.

Protect your privacy and security online

When you use the internet, your network traffic can be monitored, intercepted, or tampered with by various parties, such as your ISP, hackers, or government agencies. This can expose your personal information, browsing history, online activities, or even your identity to them. With 2vrayng, you can encrypt your network traffic and hide your IP address, making it harder for anyone to track or spy on you. 2vrayng can also prevent DNS leaks and WebRTC leaks that can reveal your real location or identity.

Enjoy fast and stable VPN connection

One of the common drawbacks of using a VPN is that it can slow down your internet speed or cause connection issues. This can affect your online experience, especially if you are streaming videos, playing games, or downloading files. With 2vrayng, you can enjoy a fast and stable VPN connection, thanks to the advanced VPN protocols that it supports. Xray core and v2fly core can optimize the network performance and reduce the latency and packet loss. They can also adapt to different network environments and handle complex traffic obfuscation.

How to download and install 2vrayng?

Downloading and installing 2vrayng is very easy and straightforward. You can follow these steps to get started:

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Download from GitHub or Google Play Store

You can download the latest version of 2vrayng from its official GitHub page or from the Google Play Store. The GitHub page also provides the source code and the changelog of the app. The Google Play Store version might not be updated as frequently as the GitHub version, but it is more convenient to install and update.

Import or scan a QR code to add a server

After you have downloaded and installed the app, you need to add a V2Ray server to connect to. You can either import a server configuration from a URL or a QR code, or manually add a server by entering the required information. You can find some free V2Ray servers online, or you can create your own V2Ray server if you have the technical skills and resources.

Connect to the VPN with one tap

Once you have added a server, you can connect to the VPN with one tap on the app's main screen. You will see a green icon on the top right corner of the screen when you are connected. You can also check your connection status, speed, and data usage on the app's dashboard. You can disconnect from the VPN by tapping on the same icon again.

How to use 2vrayng effectively?

To get the most out of 2vrayng, you should follow some tips and tricks that can help you improve your VPN experience. Here are some of them:

Choose the best server for your needs

Not all V2Ray servers are created equal. Some servers might be faster, more stable, or more secure than others. Some servers might also have different features or limitations. For example, some servers might support Netflix streaming, while others might not. Therefore, you should choose the best server for your needs based on factors such as location, speed, protocol, encryption, etc. You can test the speed and latency of different servers using the app's built-in ping tool.

Update geoip and geosite files regularly

Geoip and geosite files are files that contain information about IP addresses and domain names that belong to different countries or regions. They are used by 2vrayng to implement custom rules and routing based on geographic locations. For example, you can use geoip and geosite files to direct some traffic to a specific server, while directing other traffic to another server. This can help you optimize your network performance and avoid unnecessary detours. However, geoip and geosite files are not static and they change over time. Therefore, you should update them regularly using the app's update feature.

Customize your settings and preferences

2vrayng offers a lot of settings and preferences that you can customize according to your needs and preferences. For example, you can choose which core to use (Xray core or v2fly core), which DNS mode to use (system DNS or remote DNS), which proxy mode to use (VPN mode or proxy mode), etc. You can also enable some advanced settings, such as mux, routing, sniffing, etc. You can also change the app's theme, language, notification, etc. You can access the app's settings by tapping on the gear icon on the top left corner of the screen.


2vrayng is a powerful and secure VPN client for Android that supports Xray core and v2fly core, two advanced VPN protocols that offer better performance and security than traditional VPNs. 2vrayng can help you bypass censorship and access blocked websites, protect your privacy and security online, and enjoy fast and stable VPN connection. You can download and install 2vrayng from GitHub or Google Play Store, import or scan a QR code to add a server, and connect to the VPN with one tap. You can also use 2vrayng effectively by choosi


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